Adam Jacobs

About Adam Jacobs


Before Adam took over Bubblegum in 2018, he had previously been involved in transitioning to digital at ANZ, pioneering BP into a digital age, not to mention being CMO at Uber and Head of Digital at Target, it’s safe to safe that Adam knows his shit.

These days, however, As the managing director of Bubblegum Casting and Hunter Talent Adam faces the daily challenge of helping Australia’s brightest talent find their feet on the path to stardom and helping the nation’s leading brands find their next big star.

In that time, Adam expanded his operations to cover Sydney and Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and LA as well as our spiritual home of Melbourne, now working with tons of the world’s leading brands as regular clients, and being the largest children’s modeling agency – and he is just getting started.

Adam can talk to you about digital better than 99% of people who boast to be one, and also offers the perspective of a now industry-leading business owner.