Izzi Smith

SEO & UX Team Lead at Ryte

Izzi is the SEO & UX Team Lead at Ryte, and has previously worked as a consultant and in-house.

In her work, she loves spending time solving website UX mysteries, sharing her knowledge, and helping companies create even more awesome websites for users and Search Engines. Izzi also enjoys making SEO memes and exploring her resident city of Munich.

6:30 - 7:00

Tuesday Sept 7th September

Keynote Speaker 1 - Izzi Smith, Core Web Vitals

Google considers FID important becauseĀ it accounts for how easily real-life users can interact with your website. FID goes a step beyond a page speed score and measures the time it takes for users to actually do something on your page. Izzi Smith shares her expertise about Core Web Vitals.