Gaston Riera

Technical SEO at Envato

I'm not a typical engineer, nor a typical SEO professional.

I put all my best effort into every project, looking at each of them differently.
The beauty of SEO is that for every website there is a unique strategy and approach.

I've been in the SEO industry since 2012, starting with small and silly projects, moving to freelance consultancy then to in-house SEO.

Publicly, I've taught SEO classes, spoken on a few conferences (offline and online) and been interviewed on a couple of podcasts.
I'm often answering questions and contributing to the two most well-known forums about SEO: the Moz Q&A community, and the Google Webmasters forum. In the latter, I got recognised with the Gold product expert.

Grew up in Argentina, in 2019 moved to Australia.