Kristina Azarenko

Founder Of Marketing Syrup

Hey, it's Kristina. I'm so excited you are here! As today might be a turning point for me and you if we end up working together!

You have questions, I have answers. But hold on, I'll tell you why you should work with me.

- Featured on, Search Engine Land, SEMrush, ContentKing, HotJar
- Named one of the 13 women shaping the SEO industry.
- My newsletter is read by people at Google, Shopify and many marketing agencies across the world.

Here are the things you need to know:

- I’m a no-nonsense SEO consultant who has worked with Fortune-500 companies as well as medium businesses. I helped one of my eCommerce clients achieve a 5400% increase in sales.

- I’m a direct and organized person who loves strategy, deadlines, responsibility and keeping your team accountable.

- I don’t just do SEO, I help your business hit goals and track the KPIs properly. That’s why I don’t deliver anything for the sake of delivering it, I give you the things that actually matter.

- I’m an SEO expert who is recognized by other SEO experts. I’m often invited to speak at various SEO conferences and webinars.

- I was asked to stay as a consultant after leaving 3 of my previous full-time positions. This speaks a lot to the quality of the work and results I deliver.

I work with eCommerce and B2B companies that are ready to grow and invest in their growth. As I’m usually booked ahead, I choose to work only with those who I feel are a good fit.